Sunday, February 01, 2009

Conventional bar

I did it
we got a text message
at 9p
and i didn't say
"let's stay in!"
sometimes it helps,
i think,
to be vain
b/c I *LOVE* my hair!
and i didn't get to share it with anyone Fri!

and Ed is always entertaining
sometimes i wish i weren't so boring
but i think some people
are born
to entertain
hee, how does that Britney song go?

and then
just like in school
i soo heart dancing
yes, sweetie,
you kinda creeped me out
being all touchy-feely
when you're not normally we like that
i sorry i get so self-conscious
i just feel too old to be like that
even if we are married :D

but eeeee
i haven't be able to dance to beyonce's single ladies!
and *finally*
some good one-armed dancing-songs!
i heart dancing
thanks for going
i hope we get to dance again

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