Friday, February 20, 2009

Etsy "Moss" + handpicked

*Love* the etsy combers who do the front page!!

BenandHenry, $45
mystudio, $45
And my favorites that made me smile: Felt trees :D!
hitree -- for some reason, these are adorable -- $22 and $40, respectively, for the little oak keychain and, well, a "little bitty giant sequoia!"

2/21/09 - Etsy's front page, picked by JunkyardGypsy

*Love* the colors - the contrast and the softness -- and shape, texture, sparkly bit, background material (not even in the corsage, but what a great pattern, too!) -- wychbury @ $13.50

Not as vivid, but such beautiful tranquil colors! Perfect for lounging around the house somewhere. by kreatus @ $16

I just dig the flowers on the right shoulder. armoursansanguish @ $160

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