Monday, February 16, 2009

etsy wedding + posh girl vintage

Jeez, thanks to the inspiration from rocknrollbride, who posted this pic of Mrs. Candy Corn from weddingbee:

I've spent the last 1.5 hours looking at etsy + googling vintage lace tea length dresses. Which, of course, I proceeded to just stray away from, also.

First, googling led me to weddingbee classifieds, which yielded perfection @ $180...

Or, more realistically like it would look on me (except of course I'm brown):

But, more searching led to my falling in love with ($$$! yikes!) vintage, most from Posh Vintage Girl (rock!). My main fantasy contenders (from this mini online search, hee), except they're all sold:

1. Everything about this.
2. The neckline and silhouette of this (if I couldn't find the above anywhere else):
3. Since my cousin-in-law left in their helicopter in a similar dress, I've been a little obsessed with it:
4. Clearly, I'm a little taken with the sheer (though I prefer lace) peekaboo-ness of the neckline.

5. Similar to above in silohouette (mm, love that word I can't spell!)

And straight up for fun (my fave being the blue one, but *no* way, right??), mostly in order of my faves ;):

(eee, polka dots :)!!!)

(i heart yellow)

(look at that lace! and that sash is sooo flattering!)

Sold, but cute! My size too, damn. $349.

Remove the sleeves, $163 - my size!

And from my etsy perusal:

hollystalder, $140+
BrendasBridalveils, includes brooch, $42.99

SomethingBold, $29.95

by yjdesign, $20

graceartandantiques, $42

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