Saturday, February 21, 2009

I can't stop looking

Love this. Horrible as this is, I would probably take off the sleeves (ee, i know, i'm terrible) -- but only after trying on the dress with, and confirming that I would look super creepy with long sleeves. And I bet the dress is super tiny anyway! And I don't want a whole nother crazy wedding dress -- minimizing pomp & circumstance, that's my goal, b/c it's not my fault my dad missed my first ceremony, and I feel like, as much as I say out loud that this is a separate ceremony in the church, to treat it like a "first" or "real" wedding (with the huge beautiful princess dress that I want again :D) would be like saying my wedding almost 4 years ago wasn't real -- and in no way have I *not* been married all this time, that is ridiculous. And I know God was at that wedding, I couldn't believe how blessed I seriously felt that our officiant's words were perfect, and referencing Him and His presence -- seriously, perfect. Even just having met him only, say 10 minutes before the ceremony, and only mostly to go over the Filipino wedding traditions. Which I won't do again, b/c isn't that ridiculous to do that again just b/c my dad wasn't there? (sigh) But who is this ceremony for? I know it should be for us, for God... but deep down, I just want my dad there, and want him to accept our marriage, and accept Kee, and I feel like this is it -- how can God not bring us together, in His house? (Sigh) I feel like I am putting a lot of pressure on Him/this thing, and then that feels wrong... Anyway.

Awesome dress.

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