Thursday, February 05, 2009

le sigh

i'm pretty sure i should be done with this
and it's all getting thrown together
kinda slap-happy
and i want it to be okay
i don't see this being any better
than when i was about to leave for vegas
i don't know if it's a confidence thing
but man, this sure does suck
i know
i should stop complaining
and just get to it
but eeeeeee
i can't let go
i want to know more
but then
it seems the more i know
the more i'm complicating things
and i want coffee
but i can't stomach any!
what is wrong with me
i just hope i don't pass out
forget that
i hope i finish! and can make it to work
and finish that other answer i've got due
if i write
a section an hour
and rotate
by the time it's a decent hour to get into work
i'll be done with this
by 9:30
that would be 7 hours
7 rotations
i should be done by then, right?
i mean
i got this i got this i got this
love these self-pep talks!

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