Wednesday, February 11, 2009


i cannot believe
it's only been 2 days!
it feels like forever
i can't believe i cut it so close to the filing deadline
i can't *wait* to get my secretary
thank-you-flowers from Whole Foods!
i can't believe i'm working late so that i can hit Whole Foods
and come back
to leave them on her desk
so i don't have to
walk in with them tomorrow
and now
i just want to sleep
scratch that
READ a really good book!
or magically
all matrix-download-style
get caught up on Lost
!!! third episode of the season today!
we have *got* to catch up!

i just love that i can breathe
though i don't really think i can
(thus, my want to go back to etsy
and go shopping!)
and i'd love to go to galaxy cafe
yums on that fish wrap!
or better yet
go to alamo
but i don't think stressful movie is exactly what i need
spending $
since i'm driving in for legally blond
on fri, and then right back home
to make the wine bus tour to Fredericksberg

here's to fabulous people
who help me make my deadline
and to pretty red covers
on my first bound brief ever
and little things
that make me feel like a real lawyer
even if
i go about working crazy insane hours
i'm a student at heart
that loves sliding in that paper or assignment
in at the last minute
and have issues letting go
eeeesh i needs to work on that

but YEEEEAAAA! celebrate! sorta :)

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