Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Virtual shopping is fun*

Aw, it's a flowers theme! Man, whoever does etsy's front page is brilliant.

katyjane, $45 -- hmm, the photo didn't turn out so well, but this blue + the shape of the flower just gets me.

Enhabiten, $30

When I first saw this, I was drawn to the delicacy of the brass (huh, bet you don't hear that too often!), and not so much the rose (I actually thought it was a bangle, since the feature photo is by itself, like the ring above) -- but man, modeling this makes all the difference!
Justthething4u, $15

I love the rose! It's soo sweet! And the brown satin handle looks pretty swank.
karenmeyers, $45

*Well, I mean, pretending like I'm shopping. I would say yes too all of these, if I could make payments with pretend-money, too. And, you know, it wouldn't be fraud or anything.

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