Friday, March 27, 2009

BC 4

Okay, T, maybe you can pass along to your Cali friend (or maybe I'll start posting stuff for Cali and still tag this as your wedding, hee...) -- but ProjectWedding is holding a DIY contest for everyone to vote their favorites, and have a lot of fab ideas up! Hmm, I know budget doesn't necessarily = DIY, but in case your friend is crafty, she should pop over b/c some of those ideas are CUTE!

So one of the judges' top faves (but not a finalist, unfortunately) made her own cascade bouquet! So, of course you've already ordered yours, but I thought to get maybe a better idea of what she might come up with (because you're going for color, right?), this might help out! Maybe not as large of flowers, b/c you're going orchids, but still...

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