Tuesday, March 17, 2009


Ahh, Printable Press.

This is it. I love the wording. And the colors. Although i super heart the colors below. But jeez, the wording. Even though I know I could use the words on another invite, still.

Okay, and other wording via paperpress:
  • Together with their families, ____ and ___ request the pleasure of your presence at their wedding .
  • Please join us to share our joy and support our love as we exchange vows and are united in the commitment of marriage. ___ and ____
  • It is with joy that we invite you to celebrate the marriage of ___ and ___.
And darn, but these are cute too:
[Elegantly framed]
[Classic Curls]
[Gothic Forest]
And, um, just about everything here.

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Rachel Mallon said...

These are lovely! Thanks for stopping my blog and commenting!

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