Tuesday, March 03, 2009

Jewelry rental?

So, I saw I'm Over It!, an online jewelry rental + retailer, as a sponsor on one of the blogs I read (eeks, it stinks to read like 8+ wedding blogs, b/c then you forget where you read something great!) -- and I love this set.

It's the Carolee Lux Flower Bib Set -- I know, seems gaudy as all get out, but gosh, something about the flowers + the pearls is all kinds of appealing to me! but renting -- I mean, $415 to purchase the whole set is clearly not in my budget, and $41 for 7-day rental totally would be -- but, is that a good thing? to be able to wear a *beautiful* set of jewelry that is otherwise totally not even close to doable, but then that's (say) $41 thrown away, b/c you don't get to keep that sucker! Except, of course, in memories + photos, and knowing you look beautiful, etc. -- And really, where else would you wear this piece? I'm just not sure... but man, it sure is nice to have that option open...

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Abbie said...

I LOVE it! I think $41 is totally worth it. I wouldn't be able to justify buying it outright because I probably wouldn't wear it as often as I'd like... but renting would be perfect!

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