Wednesday, March 18, 2009

My best friends for sale on etsy

I heart etsy like nobody's business. My bank account, unfortunately, does not heart shopping at the moment. Luckily looking + bank account get along fine. The other day I saw one of my good friends' sister's name as the name of an item: Simona.

(courtesy of treeandkimball)

So, how much fun would it be to find my bestest friends as items on etsy?
Too many cute things, depending on the name, so we'll go in groups: first up, my SOS [Save Our Sanity] crew!

(too many cute things! even excluding "Hepburn")

(Perfect Details)


(Timeless Trinkets)

Anna Maria


(Jackson Square, mixed media collage)


(Phair Pla by jena)

(Boogaloo HexCat Patsy Pet Shop of the Old Ones Series, by Le Chat Noir Studios)





("Teresa green" handspun, polwarth wool yarn, by debland)

(Serendipity by Erin)


(japonicas [one of my fave stores!])


(kaang accessories)


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