Monday, March 23, 2009

My goals for the week . . .

. . . Already ruined :D Okay, maybe not all of them. I brought all this:

so i could start on making good on my goal to be better about our budget (and my health). No starbucks (even though it's just 2 blocks away!). Fruit. Not McDonald's, but my own homemade egg mcmuffin (no cheese). And b/c I belong to our office water club, I finally brought in some tea + instant coffee (yum!) for when my morning home-brewed coffee runs out! (Gots to take advantage of both the cold and hot water!). But .. the sandwich I brought from home for lunch, I have already decided to abandon for Schlotzsky's with a couple co-workers. (Sigh) At least I've got a good head start, right?

And to brighten up my office a bit more, tulips!

And another morning surprise: I forgot I put up this beautifully patterned sheer curtain -- hooray, forgetful mind!

Forgive the poor lighting in the photo -- camera phones aren't quite the greatest :D Well, off to a pretty good start for my Monday -- here's to hopes the rest of the week will be the same :D

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