Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Spring is here

So, yesterday, after a day of clouds, the sun peeked out about 6p to hang out for a bit. Today, she stayed away all day behind gray skies, and retreated farther and farther as the day progressed, behind some seriously ominous clouds -- and at 6:30, darkness descended.

With hail.

In March IN TEXAS. I should clarify: central Texas.

And okay, it only lasted 15, maybe 20 mins? Well, the pouring after the hail, which lasted maybe 3 minutes. (But still!)

But then, surprise surprise -- the most beautiful scenes of nature, in my opinion: rain and sunshine commingled! I *love* that! I wish I had a camera on me, but by the time I finally thought to whip out my camera phone, it was a bit late. Instead, we've got some snazzy snapshots -- not spectacular beauties, but they convey the idea :D

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