Friday, March 20, 2009

Weekend goal

So. To help me try to get everything that's been building up (laundry, mopping, other glamorous domestic duties), I'm going to take a page from some fabulous blogs of which I'm a fan, and take a break for the weekend. Nothing huge, but at least if I post here that I am actively taking a break, I have to!

Enjoy this beautiful photo, courtesy of Shawn Connell featured on Brooklyn Bride's old blog :)

Have a terrific, fun, colorful, relaxing weekend!! (I'll actually sneak in some rodeo-time -- I'm just going for the ribs cook-off, maybe the "anything goes on the grill" cook-off, and of course all that deep fried goodness! Hopefully I'll see a deep-fried Snickers, and definitely will be trying for the first time a deep-fried twinkie, and most definitely will be getting my *fave* -- the deep-fried oreos. (Seriously, the way that chocolate wafer softens up? deliciously disgusting, I'm sure it sounds ;) )

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