Tuesday, April 28, 2009

BC 16: Last veil push

T, I had *such* a fabulous time this weekend! It's almost kind of weird -- well, first, since I've relinquished my push to exchange vows in the church next year since I'm still so indecisive, I've lost that little extra oomph to search wedding blogs like crazy -- But especially after spending this weekend with you + all your seriously amazing + brilliant + beautiful friends, I've almost completely lost the drive to search for wedding treasures, b/c hanging out with all of you guys so brilliantly drove home the point of a wedding: to bring together loved ones! And all the details -- which were fabulously created by your sis + DB -- still paled in comparison to all the love surrounding you this weekend -- and dude, that was your B party!

Despite the non-push in me, clearly I'm still looking (hee, 3 posts in one day yesterday? more?) -- but this *I promise* is the last veil deal I'll push on you. BUT FOR REAL: it is practically non-existent!! And that edging -- normally I'm not a fan, but it's practically transparent + the edging just brings a little bling (hee, despite our hatred of that word!) and doesn't look formal at all!!

But you're right, that fascinator is gorgeous --- and you absolutely do not need a veil. But eeeee, this would be perfect, if you were going for one, hee.

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