Wednesday, April 15, 2009

BC15: Cake!

Okay, T, I know this isn't in any way your style at all. And that you've got cake florals already ordered. But, let's just pretend, you could have *this* cake that's *perfect* for your theme instead!!

{Style Me Pretty, feat. Papillon Cakes}

Okay, minus that it's not green + orange. But doesn't it remind you of a popcorn box?!!! I hope the ladies at PC aren't offended, b/c I believe their actual inspiration was Springtime in France -- but really, those mini flowers remind me of popcorn! And duh, red + white stripes!! Hee.

And unrelated to you, but is a must to post with the above: the Vera Wang-inspired cake is (surprise) *stunning*.

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