Tuesday, April 07, 2009

Etsy wants: necklaces

So, I noticed a trend on my etsy favorites: I am super in love with these asymmetrical necklaces with roses + a handful of beads. Preferably bright colors, but for the ceremony, definitely ivory. And brass chain. And I almost broke down and bought one today. (Sigh)

1. yellow rose by thatjewelrygirl
2. The Victoria (purple blossom + blue-gray pearls) by RachelleD
3. La Raesa (coral blossom, turq center + turquoise beads) by RachelleD
4. Caffe Latte (ivory pearls, latte blossom) by The Silver Dog
5. Labyrinthine Garden (pewter pearls, reddish carved lucite blossom) by Pole Star
5. Peach Bloom by La Belle Savage
6. Rose Jardin (ivory pearls, brass blossom + pearl center) by Luxe Deluxe
7. Turquoise and Coral Sakura by It's Beautiful
8. Sabine Luxe by Lulu Splendor
9. Ross (coral blossom, turquoise beads, ivory flower) by Japonicas
10 + 11. Poppy Blues (simple aqua blossom) by Vadjutka
12. Empress Chartreuse by Poetic Designs
13. Fiona (latte blossom + feathers + black beads) by Luxe Deluxe
14. Karly (turquoise + bright purple) by Luxe Deluxe
15. Rustic pearl bracelet by ElleJewels
16. Rhiannon by Luxe Deluxe (too fun not to post again :D)


Anonymous said...

Those ones with the big beads, the flower and the feathers? pretty much the perfect combination of everything i adore!

the one with the purple rose is especially lovely. great finds!

Bee said...

such great finds!

loving it...

am veeeeeery tempted!!

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