Monday, April 20, 2009

i could go for one of these

good news + bad news: i found out i got passed over for this awesome opp @ work. understandable b/c i'm still "new," but then it's kinda crap b/c the reason cited for me not getting it isn't anything i can help. everyone's on different teams, so the rates at which people are "eligible," i'll say, are soo varied. i'm afraid i'm getting kinda shafted + it reflects poorly on me, when i think it's just different methods, and isn't (all) mee i'll just hope the decision-maker can see history + maybe sees each team works differently. i hope :(

but the plus: my friend got it instead! seriously, that makes it 10x better, not being able to keep this. although, when i feel kinda crappy, maybe that doesn't say much :D, but it's the best i've got. and this is so minor... but still, cupcake-worthy, for sure.

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