Sunday, April 19, 2009

Outfreakingrageous: you must watch

Platinum Weddings on WEtv. And I don't ever watch WE or Lifetime or anything like that. HGTV, food network, Style Network, and loads of crime dramas are more my thing.

But of course, b/c I heart looking at beautiful weddings, this show was *right* up my alley - people who spend outrageous loads of money on their wedding. I mean, it's seriously a little nuts, but sooo much fun.

Okay, I won't lie: a ton of that fun is making fun of how ridiculous these wedding budgets are. Like the couple who had this cake:

They seem very sweet
. But dude, she is 20. And nothing against young brides (I got married at 24, to my husband who I met the month I turned 18). But how in the world does spending $30K on imported pearls for your table scape, and another $75K on flowers, and $80K+ on reception lighting make sense when you "just" spend $50K on food and, WORSE in my opinion: $5K on your photographer?! I mean, wouldn't you spend more money on what's going to stick with you for years to come than on what sits on your table? Maybe I'm nuts.

But damn, this show is fun to watch. I do like this couple* :) For some reason, they seem more "practical," if you will :D Maybe b/c this couple and the one before them had allegedly the same theme of miama/south beach, but only the couple I uber-like got the theme right: miami/south beach colors of turquoise, coral, other brights; mojitos; latin-inspired foods; more understandable budet-ratios... A-hem. Wait, one more: Seriously, indoor cabanas?? That's theme work! Oooh, and Sylvia Weinstock did their cake?? THAT IS INSANE! (not the above cake, I can't find a pic of Aimee & Julian's cake...)

Okay, done drooling.

*Sorry, can't find the WEtv link, but here's the link to the wedding planner's site! (le sigh)

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