Tuesday, May 05, 2009

Ah, vanity

Hee, I'm so excited, and it's so silly, I know. But I'm a huge fan of Yelp (except for the bad press, which has certainly given me some pause! I'm definitely not a fan of bullying!) -- I just like that the reviews are real. Or, at least, I think they're real. Mine definitely are real!

Anyway, surreal experience today: I was sitting waiting for my fab Miga breakfast taco + a mocha in a local cafe this morning, when I turned to my right and saw this posted on the wall:

Hee, that's ME! Crappy photo, but you get the picture -- How *awesome* to get quoted back to myself, I felt! I know, ultimate vanity, right :D? I mean, they're just posting what good things people have said about them, and I just happen to be one, so logically I know it has nothing to do with me. But whatevs, it still made me happy to see myself + my writing :D I sure hope they don't recognize me... cuz I did feel a little embarrassed, I don't know why, just ... that's me on the wall. They read (maybe) what I wrote. Oh well -- yea, vanity!

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