Friday, May 08, 2009

BC 19: Coreographed BM dance

I really meant to taper these off. But I had no idea the bride coreographed a bridesmaids' dance to Beyonce's "Single Ladies," in addition to their first dance!!!

Please do this. Maybe not Beyonce (though *what* an awesome song). I mean, I think you & M have the first dance down -- although, shoot, apparently the first wedding dance coreographers are right near you! [Whoops, mis-read on my part: first NY team] AND their bio reads, "They've been delivering kick-ass wedding dancers to New Yorkers and Texans alike ever since." !!!

I think it's fate. Squeeze them in somehow. Hee. Or you know I'd totally create some coreography for y'all :)

And in case you & M do need some inspiration:

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