Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Beauty everywhere (even advertising)

I'm hoping I'm not the only one out there -- but sometimes, flipping through magazines, I am simply blown away with how beautiful the photography is. And I'm not talking super fancy magazines -- just Real Simple and Glamour. (Okay, and Bon Appetit, but the photography in that one is crazy stunning, no surprise: food photography is nuts. [hee hee])

But I'm not even talking about magazine photojournalists -- I'm talking about the print ads. Simply stunning. Some, I've framed -- three monochromatic pieces of nature, actually: closeups of a brilliantly green leaf, a stunning red flower of some sort, and... maybe something yellow? I can't recall at the moment. But others -- either they just make me sigh, or seriously want, or-- perhaps crazily--laugh out loud, it's such a genius advertisement.

So, here's to starting Tuesday mornings with beauty. I've got a good batch to start off with, so don't mind me post-dating a few (such genius of Blogger!). Some of these won't come out as well as in person, but we'll just make do.

Here's my first -- I decided to go easy, and pick one I didn't have to comment on, b/c of this lengthy intro. Except perhaps to say hubba hubba (hahaha). It's for contact lenses. CONTACT LENSES. Geniuses to place this in a women's magazine, no?


or, for those of you wanting a closeup:

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