Thursday, May 21, 2009

Movin on up...

Oh, the memories....


And Green Chair, how I will miss you so. But your new friend loves you just as much as me. And I'll still visit. I'll be right around the corner, enjoying my view of the Capitol's reflection in the mirrored windows right outside my new space. But I just didn't think you could take the flood of light I hope my new space carries, even if it is reflected off the white marble walls next to those mirrored windows. But hey, more light, you know how I love light!

Um, and okay, you just don't match. And are very cute solo, yes, but I can't justify being selfish + keeping you AND the pair of matching chairs I've got. And the friend who's got your brother just isn't giving him up. Ever. But again, your new friend *loves* you just the way you are.

But thanks for the great memories! See you around :)

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