Tuesday, May 19, 2009

My geeky self

Okay, so when I was in undergrad, I got to work on a research team in my department that was putting together a database accessible to all research groups everywhere, filled with photographs and measurements, for studies on human attractiveness. Or something like that. I just remember the TA telling us one theory behind human attractiveness was symmetry of features, and one task we had was to measure distance between eyes, the nose bridge + (bulb?), the mouth, etc., and then halfway in between each of those parts., both sides of the face.
And one photo in particular has stuck with me through the years -- much like the ad I posted earlier today, the subject was attractive, but not by any means symmetrical. And I took that photo, years ago, and halved it down the middle, and she looked like two different people when you looked at the halves individually! Sounds crazy, but this is what I mean:

So I guess I should say, 3 different people? Anyway, I thought that was so neat. I don't think I'd want to try this with my photo (and forgive my poor attempts above -- I don't have a fancy photo editing program, just rockin the Irfan + MS paint :D), but I just think this is so *neat*! (Kinda creepy, those bottom too, huh? I could have messed around a little more to make them more normal looking, but really, I think the width remained true-to-scale for both. And maybe the left one looks a little more than creepy, yeah? Maybe it's my line of work... I definitely prefer the original ...)

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