Saturday, May 23, 2009

Proof of Graduation... 3 to 10+ years later

I was going to take today off, really.

But it's graduation weekend in town.

And I've switched offices twice now.

And so the pressure to have my diplomas + license framed + hanging on my walls is back again. So, now I'm posting all my options (sorry for the giganticness, but I love large images for reviewing later) -- so it can be easier for me make this decision later. And how much are frames supposed to be anyway? Ugh.

At least UT's got easy online shopping... I just wish I knew if this was worth it, or if I should really cash in the 50% off custom framing at Michael's... I just like school colors is all :) Mostly the contrast between burnt orange + maroon, hee. So here's my faves, after much elimination (note to self: trust me, these are the best, don't spend another 1.5 hours looking at frames)

UT Framing + Prices

For $114

For $99

For $114

And just to remind myself: you don't like the redundancy of the school seal, and don't like the negative space above if left blank. See:

Except crap, now I kinda do like the simplicity of that negative space. $114 for walnut/beaded + walnut/braid; $99 for walnut/black braid.

But I also really like my co-worker's frames -- very simple. Sleek but not modern. Kinda like these (but diplomas).
{Aaron Bros}

Except his stepdad made his. And isn't that a bit weird, to see if a coworker's family member would do something for you? I mean, clearly not for free or anything, but still... oh, maybe i'll ask. Because I do like them a.lot.

Ooh, or something like this would rock:
{Aaron Bros}

Hmm, unfortch, A&M doesn't have the same walnut options as UT. And I do like the walnut. Instead, they've got cherry + mahogany galore -- which is very nice, yes, but for some reason, I'm really drawn to this walnut business. Maybe seems more natural, simplistic -- no gloss.

Ooh, this one's close -- but the matting looks terrible -- maybe it's the photography? I think this is why people end up getting everything framed together. Maybe.

Le sigh. Maybe, since the UT framing is through Wordyisms nearby, I can visit them + get them to somehow do a maroon frame for my undergrad. Without any seals or anything, which is fine... but ooh, if they could, that would rock. Or somehow the inset of the Aggie ring...

And darn, Church Hill Classics does both UT and A&M, but not in frames I'm a huge fan of. AND no prices, uber boo. Heck yes they do! But hmm, $155-200 for UT? Boo. !!! $186-300 for A&M? Man. I realize thousands and thousands of dollars have been sunk into this education, and perhaps I shouldn't balk at spending a fraction of a percentage of all that tuition cost on preserving this diploma. But damn, that is nuts, and I am for sure not spending half of a $1000 (doesn't that seem more than $500?) on frames. For an office that I don't get visited in, except by my co-workers, who all know that I have gone to A&M and UT. S.u.p.e.r b.o.o. Now to see about that framer ...

***Update: Hooray! Since I last checked Wordyisms, they didn't have online options -- but now they do!! What a *rockfest*!! And soooo more decently priced!

For $99
For $119

For $150:

Hmm. Now to figure out how to frame my license....

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