Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Whims[y]cal Florals!

Hmm, unless posies are an actual flower? I think it's a bouquet-type, right?

Anyway, I saw these from Whimsy Floral and seriously loved how all over the place the flowers are -- I mean, none of them really "go" together, I would think. Except they do!

{Alfrod Salom Photography}

And then as I popped over to WF's blog, I saw all these other pretties, too pretty to pass up. [Eeks, this is a lot. There were sooo many pretties, Utah is so lucky to have Whimsy Floral!]

{Michelle Salay Photography}

{All images below: Rebekah Westover}
(okay, and some fabulous shoes!)
(um, and some beautiful desserts!)

{Images below by Michelle Salay Photography}

(and a cute cake!)

{by Whimsy Floral, below}

{above & below, Anna Page}

{Whimsy Floral}

{Whimsy Floral}

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Laura said...

I really love the third bouquet down, I think it would fit perfectly with my wedding theme 'A Midsummer Nights Dream'

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