Saturday, June 27, 2009

BC 22: shower wrapping

Okay, this isn't really about your wedding. i am just super excited about your shower. And that it's time-themed :)!!! And I've got 2am!! So what I bought months ago will be *perfect*!! And, of course, what's on your registry :D Now my only q is wrapping. Hee. Clearly, I need more on my plate, if I'm excited about wrapping your gifts, right? Maybe I can squeeze these in somehow...

Dude, this might be it.

{nycblondieandbrownie @ flickr}

What could possibly say 2am better? Maybe there's pizza gift wrap out there....
omg. that's it. i'll snag a pizza box from doubledave's. I am *such* a rockfest. you're gonna love it. and all the other guests will think i am nuts. huh, maybe i will more conventionally wrap that gift, right? damn, i know you would crack.up. if i actually walked in with a pizza boxed, all glitzed out. i dunno, somebody veto me. this shower is being held at a country club, where (incidentally) one of my friends' weddings actually took place.

somebody stop me.

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