Friday, June 26, 2009

BIA 3: Making the un-glamourous glamourous

(via Glamour}

Yeah, I bet you've missed looking at ads with me. But, lucky you, BIA's back! (Gosh a whole month almost!!)

But seriously. This reminds me of those old vacuum commercials (or other cleaning products) where the woman is *all* dolled up (and wearing an insanely cute white outfit or something) -- I mean, hello, do you ladies dress like this when you shave? (egads, I think my hubs would be excited if I just slept in something like this, let alone shaved in it!) But man, that is a cute cami, yes? And I'm not even going to (seriously, in-depth) discuss that gorgeous bathroom. Or how much fun shaving apparently is. But hey, the ad totally made me stop and drool just a little :D (lace! bright white! clean! (implied) claw-footed tub! chandelier! man...)

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