Tuesday, June 30, 2009

BIA 4: that something

{via Glamour}

So, other than Gain, the best smell in the world to me (excluding food, also, because that doesn't quite apply here) is when you take down your hair after having it in a ponytail, and your delicious-smelling shampoo/conditioner wafts all around you. Tell me you know what I'm talking about. B/c it truly is the best: you know you smell good, so you feel good, and so you feel beautiful. Well, I do anyway :D And this ad *totally* makes me feel all that. Though maybe I'm a bit influenced by the phrase "Smell unforgettable." (And okay, again disclaimer: this is also not an ad but a Glamour tip. But still.)

And of course, I think this photo is just gorgeous on its own: lighting. capture of movement + fun. pause definitely pressed.

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Rachel Follett said...

Definitely a gorgeous photo and I certainly know what you mean about the hair smell. The guys like it too which is an added bonus. :)

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