Monday, June 15, 2009

crazy good

Or maybe I should say, "good crazy?"

{Abbie, A Glimpse of the Girl Next Door}

Note to anyone who reads this: while I am very happy for Abbie, I deal with scary people for a living. And I can't in good conscience recommend this. So, think of this like one of those disclaimers: do not try this at home. Please. Unless I guess you live in ... well, I'd say small towns, but then wouldn't these people not be strangers? And still -- hey, did anyone else see that episode of Criminal Mind (love!) and that cannibal ended up being one of the 60 townspeople or something ridiculous? I'm just sayin. Maybe walk up with some mace. I mean, concealed, of course, else you're not likely to have a good exchange. Or a knife -- I found out one of my friends walks with one regularly at night -- holy bejeezus, but she can be scary too.

Thus, I stand by my first statement: please do not try this at home.

PS - and while I'm on this, the recaps by Gen X are spot-on!! i forget how much i love a show, but seriously, reading her recap above of that episode was like watching the real thing (cuz I saw it, so really all those deets are in there). I hate it when the hubs & i have the tv going on in the background + i miss something + I ask him what's going on + he can't say for whatever reason... Anyway. Be safe.

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