Friday, June 26, 2009

DIY dyeing your gown

So. Clearly you can tell I am under tremendous stress to meet a deadline. Which means the vicious cycle of scoping out blogs + procrastinating just increases. But I'm okay. Goal is 4:30 today. Maybe 6:30, cuz everyone seems to think getting on the road at 4:30 is a good idea. And then maybe I can still hit up the Aaron Bros sale. Or just HEB.

But I digress.

I've recently discovered This Young House Young House Love -- maybe like re-discovered, cuz I think I found it a while ago and was just meh about it. But something made me link back there again, and it found its way to my google homepage (huh, how'd that happen)?

And then I clicked on their wedding album tab -- holy cow, how cute! In their backyard? DIY? 75 people at $4k? Homemade mint lemonade from a winebottle? TOO CUTE!

And then.

I saw this.
Young House Love

Young House Love, post dye

How fabulous!! Sherry dyed her own gown!!! What a spectacular job, too -- and her instructions are hilarious. I love the pewter, even though she was going for black :D -- let's see, what can I dye....

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