Sunday, June 07, 2009


Who knew you could pack so much in one weekend?
  • Catching up with my mother-in-law + helping her purge her unnecessary things for a joint-sisters/family garage sale.
  • Iced mochas + a brownie + a cookie with my dad
  • Shopping with my sis (2 sweaters at Ann Taylor Loft for just $20 each!!)
  • Surprise dinner at a fab sushi place for our friend, thrown by his fab girlfriend/another good friend, followed by a crazy frozen rum & coke + foosball + lambic
  • Sleeping through the hour I said I (might could) help out with the garage sale :D
  • Brunch with a girlfriend which became lunch + shopping (and *amazing* restraint on turning down a *beautiful easy work+play* dress @ Ann Tyalor) + a mad dash into the dressing room to not be late to....
  • Paint pottery with a dear old friend, thinking I was late but traffic held up my fellow pottery painter (yes!)
  • Pool bday party fabulousness (+ yummmmmy supreme pizza and a new tv addiction: Whale Wars), the Surprise: Part 2 following the sushi surprise dinner for our friend
  • Morning early-surprise birthday for my hubs from his parents!
  • Drive back into town, then Parade of Homes tour with cousins + aunt in town.
(sigh) So. freakin. tired.

Photo credits:
thebrickkiln, petitplat, faeryboots, bellalucedesigns, Ann Taylor
justcharms,Paul and Christa, Young at Art Studio
nounces, iced mocha source, cake source,
the Galleria, cinnamon roll source, A&M remote, Shipley's, The Volcano

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