Thursday, June 11, 2009

(le sigh)

Lately, I'll admit, I've felt like I've od'd a little on looking at weddings. Birdcage veils everywhere, when I was first so excited last October/November b/c I thought the hubs + I would have a convalidation ceremony (and I could kinda sorta in a way have a second wedding, hee!), and we didn't/aren't until, well, I'm ready -- and I thought I was so ahead of the game by wanting a birdcage veil. But now they're everywhere. And then loads of detail shots, which I normally love, but seem more sterile as of late, for some reason. And boring portraits, or balloons everywhere, or ... just cold photos, that look high art (truly), but just don't say "CELEBRATE!!" to me.

But there's just something about the wedding photos below that do it for me (all from this morning!), pushing me into remembering why I stalk so many wedding blogs *still* :D

This detail:
The fun of this dress (and hello dad! + fun guests!):
{katherine o photo, feat. on rocknrollbride}

The simplicity of these flowers:
{kristin vining, feat. on style me pretty}

This cutie pa-tootie groom, for looking so cheesy-funny-happy to be married:
{Dave Robbins, feat. on snippet & ink}

The handmade/easy-breezy/color explosion look of these flowers + the family -- like that's all the wedding is about--family and love, and forget about the rest. :
{Julie Mikos on Style me Pretty}

Hooray, bringin it back!

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