Wednesday, June 03, 2009


{Brian and Gry Woodward, feat. on Style Me Pretty}

I was going to say that you *know* this wedding is Platinum, as in Platinum Weddings.

But then I actually read the text (really, who does that?) -- and 35 people? So, kinda like Diamonique (hee), I can *only* imagine that this budget was about as Platinum a wedding as one could be for 35 guests...

But holy cow. Gorge. Ous. Or however you want to break that down. And I know you've seen these already, cuz duh, who doesn't love Style Me Pretty, but whatevs, it's amazing. I want that kind of bling on a suit. Yes, an ivory suit. That I would wear every day. Almost every day.

And hellow (that's right, hellow), toasting flutes!

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