Thursday, June 04, 2009

So let's chat a bit

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Things on my mind (and this is going to be a mega-dump, b/c I just need to purge):
  • Dear Self: Only procrastinate on extendable deadlines. Even if you think you can knock those out. Don't. Well, not first anyway.

  • When you add tax to items ending in "$x.95," yeah, usually it bumps up to the next $ bracket. Like, $2.95 [7-11 hot dog deal!] = $3.24. And $3.95 [starbucks tall coffee + a breakfast sandwich] = $4.40+. I should know this. But somehow, comparing a Sbx tall pairing to a McD's medium iced coffee (which is like a Sbx grande +) + a yummy artery-clogging bacon, egg and cheese biscuit + a hashbrown seemed the same. But it's not. But...

  • Bonus: the english muffin sandwich from Sbx is all kinds of reduced-fat + cholesterol free proteins! Although I tasted loads of butter, so that can't be a good thing.

  • And I love this. So. Pretty. And all these cups here, too, especially that last one. And have a bazillion other pretty things I want to share. Except I have to get back to work.
See, this is why I don't share things in my head, b/c I'm all over the place. What can I say, except agonizing isn't getting me anywhere, but man, this purging business did. Thank you.

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