Wednesday, July 15, 2009


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Okay, I know I've been throwing this out there a lot. But I can't help it, I'm so indecisive. My 10-year HS reunion is this Sat. And frankly, I don't mean to sound bitter or cold, but honestly and truly, I have kept in touch with everyone I want to keep in touch with. And I don't want to go, b/c when I went with my husband to his reunion (he's 2 years ahead of me, same school, so I knew people at his reunion, too), it was *totally* meh. And I seriously think that's how mine will be, b/c it's at the same lame hotel that *every*single*reunion* from my high school is at. ( I don't know if it's ease, or a monopoly, truly. But that's something else.) And who wants to pay $80+ for "meh?"

I've avoided joining the facebook class page since it started... a year ago? Or buying my tix. Or accepting any of the facebook page invites, including the last 2 I've gotten within the last 2 weeks.

But then, one of my formerly good friends (that's another long story -- not drama, really, just respecting wishes of significant others, if that makes sense?) sent out another facebook message. And gosh darn, he is just so dangerously approachable and funny! Like, he totally called out the dress code -- ack, it's so humorously charming, I want to paste it -- except my friend I've run it by think I must be seriously biased in his favor :D

But anyway -- honestly... I'd only go because I'd be afraid to miss out on something. Actually, not really, b/c a huge part of me would like to continue to avoid some people (that's actually a bit of drama that bled into college -- but like my hubby says, these people are grown men/women, surely none of that other stuff matters. Says him, who just got around to apologizing to people for making them cry in high school, rock.)

But... basically, I think one should *go* to a reunion *because they want to.* Not because people are telling them to. Not because people are saying they'll regret it. Not because they're afraid they'll regret it. But because they genuinely, warmly want to go.

Is that too ideal?

I mean, I don't want to be the girl that everyone is sooo glad has now gained 30+ lbs since HS. (Wha-huh? I know, I can't believe it either!) I don't want to be the one that no one really wants to talk to, but tolerates.

Egads, it's like HS insecurities all over again! Who needs this? More importantly, how the hell do you avoid all of this?

I can tell you -- I think a huge part of my stress lately has been this damn reunion, not just work. But work sure is a big part of it :D

And I wish I could stay out of town, but I'm honestly driving *back home* to attend a bridal shower (of post-grad friends, not HS). But still.


[Insert picture of gorgeous couch for therapy again here].

Anyway, just some mild procrastination. And venting, cuz the message made me laugh out loud. And doubt my resolve not to go :D


Abbie said...

Mine was two years ago, and I didn't go. I was told I didn't miss anything. I saw the pictures... everyone gained 30 lbs... and the guys gained 60. Seriously. The 20 is supposed to be so much better. At 10, everyone is comparing notes at how far everyone is in life. At 20, most people are over it.

oh my said...

Don't go. We haven't got the same reunion tradition here in sweden, but it's starting to form. I got an invite to see my old HS class, so I had a look at the homepage for the event, and after cruising the guestbook to see what people were like nowadays, I was like *meh* (to be quoting you :P)

If you haven't kept in contact until now, you probably wont get in contact after the reunion either. And think of all the same lame questions you'll have to answer -all-night-long... "What are you doing, have you travelled, are you married, why no kids etc etc".

And you're gonna find yourself asking those same lame questions after a while, because you don't have anything else to talk about with these people.

I say don't go :)

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