Wednesday, July 08, 2009

Baby love

So, this started out as a nursery-inspired board with you in mind, Bee -- but then I fell in love with all this other stuff that was totally more me than you :D. But I heart it so much, I'm still sharing :D

Baby Blossom
Baby Blossom

And yes, that's my vanity in the name ;) But Bee, for some reason, I think your baby's going to be a rocker. So here's what I see.

Baby Rocker
Baby Rocker

I think it's because of the Doc Martens you wore under your dress. And mostly your love of all kinds of music. Er, which comes out rocker in this theme :D And the modern rocking chair I see, even though I don't know if you even like modern furniture. And not like I see Y exactly as a rocker -- but he does have that uber-cool vibe that I think rockers have :D

And say, did I miss whether Baby F is a boy or a girl?* Well, I think S would go for the top nursery for a girl. Maybe :D? But clearly the animal theme would work again for a second boy, but in case not...

Okay, who am I kidding, this is too fun to try to keep Baby F in mind.

*Yea, Baby Josephine! I think Sephy or Phiney or ... okay, so pronunciation is not coming across very well in spelling. But I just don't know about her nickname. What's her middle name..?

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