Wednesday, July 22, 2009

A bit of trivia fun

So, I bet this is bunk, but I like it. My dad sent this to me in an email. I know, for saying I'm not a fan of forwards, I sure seem to be, right? And yes, I, too, can feel my brain cells dying, but oh well. Here's a way to kill 5 minutes of your day while at work :) (And hmm, the english isn't the greatest in this forward, but I just can't bring myself to fully edit the email before pasting it here :D)

Why Do We Wear Our Wedding Rings on Our Fourth Finger?
  • Join your palms as shown in photo below, center finger bend and put together back to back.
  • Let the rest of the 4 fingers touch tips to tip.

  • Try to open your thumbs; the thumb presents parents. They can be opened because all human being will go through sickness and death. Whoever we may be, our parents will leave us one day. Please close up your thumbs.
  • Now open your second fingers. The second finger represents brothers and sisters. They have their own family which is the reason that they will leave us too. Now close up your second fingers.
  • Open up your little fingers; the little finger represents your children. Sooner or later they too will leave us, for they have they own living to live. Close up your little finger.
  • Now, try to open your fourth finger---the finger on which we place our wedding rings. You will be surprised to find that it cannot be opened at all, because it represents husband and wife. This whole life you will be attached to each other.

Real love will stick together ever and forever. . . .

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Rachel Follett said...

So crazy! Thanks for sharing this info. So interesting.

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