Monday, July 20, 2009


I can't tell you how long I've stalked My co-worker (a guy, thank you very much!) got me hooked. I have thus far been able to hold off from purchasing gorgeous beautiful things, slashed to somewhere between 20-40% of their original (crazy-designer!) prices.

But sometimes I get hung up on the little things. Like these.

If it hadn't been that Ijust rediscovered my now-2.5-years-old favorite lip gloss (disgusting, I know), and knew that it's no longer made by Cover Girl (boo!), then I probably would have been able to resist. But gosh darn, that Vintage Merlot looks almost close to my shade... hopefully not really blackberry-like, but still. And Stila!! One of my friends *loves* makeup (or did?), and in college ... holy cow, the bins + bins of makeup she brought with her is how I discovered makeup. And, a bit more recently, she gifted some mini-Stila glosses to me + our other makeup-clueless roommate -- I'm a fan. Good texture (hmm, I do love that word), good coverage...

The *best* part? These are normally $20 each, and were $10 on gilt today. But shipping is $11 -- I know! That's a smidge outrageous. But I decided I'd go for it anyway, or perhaps click "cancel" at the last minute (it's the adrenaline rush anyway, right?, of getting that good deal?) -- and then I saw I got a $10 credit!! No, I have no idea why -- but then it was like free shipping! I thought about ordering another gloss, but decided I'd be happy with the 2/$20 (still more than I spend usually, but I don't buy very often!).

AND I saw that if I buy something else in the next hour, I get free shipping!! We'll see about that though :D If you want to check it out, whether it's just to scope out what's out there or maybe to see if anything might catch your eye, feel free to use me as a referral ;)

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