Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Maybe what I should do... just buy all these beautiful dresses, hold them for a little while, then sell them. Not for profit, just so that i won't go into debt + yet can still treasure these awesome vintage dresses that are perfect for cute weddings. Is that how people open up businesses? So much love that they want everything, but want to pass on that love? But surely you can't just sell things at cost -- how else would you afford rent/seller fees + shipping + taxes + whatnot?
(Sigh) -- regardless...
  • *Love* this simplicity. The graceful demure lines. Maybe at the knee rather than ankle, but maybe it's simply lovely at the length it is.


  • And yet who doesn't love these slightly over the top details? (Sans necklace, that is quite a bit too much}

  • Okay, this is perhaps a bit *too* much detail -- but all the more sigh-worthy, in my opinion. Though not quite as wearable, perhaps :D
  • Maybe with a belt? Or something to give it a bit more shape?

  • And no, this isn't wedding per se, but I was looking around + love this too :)

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