Sunday, July 26, 2009

Me in my faves

So, Kelley @ My Island Wedding is having a sort of virtual get-to-know you -- how delightful :)! Here's me, if I were to define myself by a handful of my favorites:
  • My fave breakfast food: Shipley's jalapeno, sausage, and cheese kolache!
  • My fave recipe, when I want to eat healthy + delicious: Vietnamese Vermicelli, courtesy of Mai Pham at Fine Cooking -- usually, I just rip open a bag of salad + cook the noodles for ~3-5 mins, and it's the caramel-marinated pork (except I use chicken :D) that's the most tricky!
  • My fave dessert: molten chocolate cake.

  • Favorite artists/music:

  • above and below: swotti


    Israel Kamakawiwo'ole's Somewhere Over the Rainbow/Wonderful World medley

    Keb Mo's Life is Beautiful [photo source]
    • Currently fave songs:

    Music is the Heart of Our Soul

    Learn to Press Forward; video @MTV

    • My fave indulgence: reading.

    • My fave luxury: a massage!

      steel wool

    • My fave beverages: a triple chocolate, ice-blended mocha from It's a Grind and a really good mocha from anywhere else (so far, my faves are from Central Market and A Chocolate Affair from a local coffee shop!)



    • One of my fave restaurants (mmm, chicken enchiladas with suiza sauce!)

    Okay, and this too :)

    • My fave grown-up drinks: a Dirty Girl Scout (think a Thin Mint in a glass!) or a Key Lime Pie Martini!

    And random favorites:
    • Beautiful bright flowers!
    • This lighting, that blue, and, generally, velvet furniture :)
    belle maison, feat. mark lund photography

    • Vintage dresses. Okay, fine, vintage wedding dresses most especially :D With this one kicking me off in this direction.


    Rachel Follett said...

    So good to get to know you better. Loving that vintage dress. So pretty!!!

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