Thursday, August 06, 2009

CS: Boxed lunches

So, my mother-in-law S had a fabulous idea:

Since C is a teacher (and there may be a lot of teachers in attendance, since C's future MIL is also a teacher): boxed lunches!
Upper top left lunch: Wendy Copley
All others: Think Garnish

How cute, right? I mean, I know, we could cater + have someone make these. But S noted that, since the shower is going to be around Christmas, chances are that the caterer would probably make these ahead of time, like days in advance. Which, from what I understand, is pretty standard. But so then why don't *we* just make these ahead of time, since we'll be under the same time constraints as caterers, and we'd save money? Just perhaps not stress :D I'm sure S's decision will rest on how many guests she'll be hosting -- I'll keep you updated!

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