Tuesday, August 18, 2009

{Diary of a Manhattan Actress} meets {RocknRoll Bride}

Who are these people? Um, I have to admit they're strangers to me. But Kate seems like totally one of those *super cute* fun people that I, er, anyone could be friends with :) If she looks familiar to you, maybe it's because you know her as Miss Star on Weddingbee. Wait, what? You limit your wedding blog stalking to us wedding-lover blogs, and draw the line at, oh, bride-oriented mega-blogs :D? Well, good for you, and help me get out of this obsession!

Or not, and just go vote for Kate & Dan to receive some *incredible* videography (film?), courtesy of Todd Ritondaro and RocknRoll Bride, for New York loves.

I have to admit, Georgina & John sure sound mighty mighty cute. But ... I have to admit that I feel a little kinship with Kate because she's written about being a young bride-to-be. She's fully discussed how distressing it is at times that people look at her like she's nuts to be getting married at 16 -- but she's not, she's just hit 23 + just happens to look like a junior in high school :D

But damn, that girl's got a good head on her shoulders. If I could go back and tell my 23 year-old self getting married just a couple of those bullet points -- well, I'll just leave it at that :D. And how cute is their engagement story! Dan knew to pack a mint box?! Genius.

Regardless, what a fun contest :) You've got til the 23rd to vote, so just one click -- just for good karma :)

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