Thursday, August 13, 2009

Embroidery Hoops, Re-Repurposed

{Janick + Nea Jewelry and Wall Wear}

So, a couple months ago, I unloaded like 15 embroidery hoops from my mother-in-law (she was trying to clean out her closets!). I was thinking I would create a sculpture out of the various inner hoops by connecting them with... well, that's where I tripped up, unsure where to go :D But my idea was sort of like...

{Houston Teachers Institute}

I know, it could be either *awesome* or *really* ugly :D But then Kim at DesiretoInspire posted all these flickr finds of home owners who used them not to hold embroideries, but other pretty pieces of fabric -- HOW DELIGHTFUL! Aww, D-Inspired again, I love it!

beetrix, GaiasRose, lavenderandlime
sweetjessie, mlcassid, saltspoon
Soduel, Amy Cluck of Peptogirl Industries, the workroom
Guilty Noodles , kelee8
Special J, contentedsparrow

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