Monday, August 24, 2009

Finger-hurting good

{stoopidgirl @ etsy*}

Seriously. This weekend was when we were supposed to send out our packages to our swap partners for the fab exchange arranged by oh, hello friend's Danni. I was *this close* to finishing to drop them in the mail Saturday but alas -- a couple extras I thought were necessary pushed me to Sunday.

{Kathy R. Jeffords, the dreamy giraffe @ etsy}


I haven't crafted that hard in, goodness, ages. Something about working with raw materials... *heart.* And even better was that I remade this one necklace not once but twice -- and *love it* so much I want to keep it :) And then, this other necklace made it to a necklace twice over, then was reborn into a bracelet. I mean, the possibilities are endless! I felt minorly frustrated when these things weren't turning into how I wanted them to look, and I showed them to the hubs, who first "hmm"d and then, with confidence, just said, "I know you can do it. Just make it until you like it."

GENIUS. I mean *I* am the one crafting, why does the first try have to be what I stick with? Other than sometimes materials break when you keep working them, but there's other materials to work with!

*sigh of satisfaction* Here's to hoping everyone's Monday starts off with this fabulous feeling, and that it lasts all week!

*ps: Sarah and Sydney, in case you are reading this: I'm sorry, despite the Alice in Wonderland theme-ish to this post, I couldn't find anything Alice in Wonderland-themed that I liked. Well, that didn't completely blow the suggested budget *out of the water* :D But I'm thinking maybe you two got each other fab AIW things? Fingers crossed that y'all will enjoy the goodies I send you :)!

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