Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Love Shak #1: Centerpieces

Dear L,

Okay, I know I've disclaimer-ed the heck out of my offers for help, but just in case again ;) -- there's just so much gosh darn pretty things out there, and I know you'
ve got fabulous taste, so you don't need any assistance. Well, other than manual labor for when the time comes, and you know you've got my hands ready to go! But sometimes, I see some things, and how can friends not see something they think is fabulous for their friend + not share? Or, is that what psychos say to justify their actions? Crap.

Well, here's my way of not bombarding you constantly ;) -- for the next 6 months or 12 :) And, for reasons I imagine you can figure out, your series gets to be Love Shak ;) I imagine now that you've discovered google notebook, you probably have a lot of these -- but the beauty of this series is that you can *see* them all together, rather than clicking all through your bookmarks! But uh if you've figured that out on google notebook, then pass that tip along to me, will ya :)?

First up: m
ason jars!

I mentioned I fell in love with the blue ones, and then your response made me think you weren't thinking blue -- and I can see why: Did you catch the Weddingbee post on making centerpieces using clear ones :)?

Holy crapola, Weeping Cherries has a whole Monday series on Mason Jars! Ooh, here's a special one just on wedding centerpieces... Sorry I don't see any photo credits (anyone who can help out, feel free to chime in!), but gosh, these sure are lovely...

Mason jar centerpieces

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