Sunday, August 30, 2009

More than a Handful of [Wedding] Treasures!

We all know there are *delightful* wedding blogs out there, and I'm sure we all know what they are :D

But I stumbled across {casando ideias}, a delightful blog created by Bertie, a Portuguese journalist living in the UK, and self-proclaimed wedding-lover :) Okay, I've *just* discovered it so I can't say whether she regularly posts (344 posts in 2009? perhaps :) ), but regardless, her blog looks delightful to thumb through -- like these dresses (and I've just picked my faves!) -- swoon...

{dress by Hannibal Laguna}

{dress by Rafael Urquizar}

{dress by Devota & Lomba}

{dress by Ana Torres}

And she has this mega-post of short-haired brides, lace dress + shoes, ooh, and this especially gorgeous lace dress, and okay, some of the weddings she features, I've seen elsewhere -- but goodness. photo gorgeousness galore :)

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lanak said...

Stunning dresses!!!

More Treasures!

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