Sunday, August 09, 2009

This Week: Lite

This is a busy week ahead. I always feel bad if I don't post as often as I think I should -- but logically, I know twice a day is a bit obsessive, especially anything more than that :D

So truly, at least this week I'm scaling back. I've got a friend coming in town, staying the week, for a prenatal yoga certification course (she's so incredible!)

I've also found out my friend's hot dog party is not happening this weekend like we thought, but... that means I've got new weekend plans!



{xo b}

Gotta love Girls' Weekend! But this means that I have to work *extra* hard this week to knock out all my work, since I might be taking off a couple extra days. So... sorry for the (relative) inactivity, other than what I've already got pre-scheduled, but here's to a fabulous week ahead to all of you!

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