Monday, August 17, 2009

Weekend Lessons

This weekend was *a*maz*ing. What I learned:

1. A girls weekend at the beach is an amazingly relaxing thing, even if working up to it is, um, a bit hectic.

2. Port Aransas vs. Corpus Christi, if you ever have to pick: go with Port A. The sand is *so* much finer, I was in heaven, just feeling it between my toes!

3. Please, never ever say the best dessert in town comes from Joe's Crab Shack. Something is wrong with that. But...

4. Sometimes Dairy Queen offers the best dessert :)

5. Fresca is delicious. Add in coconut rum + smashed blueberries and you are *set* for a perfectly refreshing beach drink!

6. The beach is the best place to catch up on magazines and celebrity gossip.

Other highlights of the weekend:

  • We aimed for a cafe for brunch this morning, only to find it closed. So we ate across the street -- what a delightful surprise! I definitely should have listened to my friends + gone for the Mexican breakfast dishes rather than waffles; mine was still delicious, but theirs were totally swoon worthy.

  • "Thanks, you've made my night -- And thanks for the tip." -- cute waiter Justin, after our friend handed him the tip. Followed up at the cashier by us saying loudly enough for cute waiter to overhear that said friend should leave him her number... Ahh, fun flirtation + living vicariously through friends.

  • Owning an entire dance floor because we were the only ones there, other than the staff. Yes, 4 of us.

  • Made up games are the best. Like, Name a Word, Come Up With a Lyric Using that Word. Sample words: fingers, liberty, swimming, candy, love, waiting, bridge. Oh man, fun times. (Sidenote: liberty was tough. We went through all kinds of partriotic songs and still didn't find one. For swimming we got to Little Mermaid -- woot!)

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