Saturday, September 05, 2009

Inspiration Board: Pretty Pretty Pastels

Okay, I admit, this entry in the Style Me Pretty contest may have been what made Abby throw up her hands -- I know there's a lot going on :) But *look* at all these pretty colors! And okay. So maybe a pastel rainbow isn't exactly, er, focused. But that pink bouquet! The soft colors of the sea + that green! And of course, who didn't love the pinwheel photo when it first came around! And okay, the black and white clearly doesn't fit -- but

Well, let's all collectively sigh at seeing these photos again :)

Row 1: Michele M Waite, Alisha Hurt, Meg Perotti + bouquet by Holly Flora
Row 2: Christine Gallagher, last two by Dana & Jeremy Photography (bout at etsy)
Row 3: Dress: Modern Trousseau, Stephanie
Row 3, upper grouping of photos: Katee Grace
Row 3, peony: Boutwell Studio Photography, Nancy Liu Chin flowers
Row 4: first two, Stephanie Williams; cake, Lisa Lefkowitz
Row 5: birds, Stephanie Williams; cake, Lisa Lefkowitz

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Dani @ Weddings Fresh said...

oh i love this! i am so glad you liked that wedding with the red dress and turquoise slip!

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